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Prise de position

We fully adhere to this letter and urge you to consider urgently adopting the 3 recommended temporary measures, namely:
Suspending all exports by land and by sea of live farm animals to non-EU countries.
Suspending all transport of live farm animals on journeys over 8 hours between Member States.
• Ensuring rapid communication between Chief Veterinary Officers and National Contact Points to help livestock organisers avoid border crossings with long queues or refusal of entry by certain countries.
We understand how challenging these times are, however, we call on you to act in accordance with Article 13 and 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and take all necessary measures to avoid mass non-compliance with Regulation 1/2005.

(extrait du courrier adressé à la Commission européenne et au conseil des ministres de l'agriculture par 42 eurodéputés dont 16 français)

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